Loiret Airport - Orléans

   Pilot information

VAC and IAC Maps

      Download the VAC chart in PDF.

      Download the IAC chart format PDF .

      Download the RNAV GNSS chart format PDF .

      Specimen reproduced with the authorization of the SIA n° E12/2007

      Do not use for flight.

   Pilot Reminder

Refuel: 100LL / JET A1

Altitude: 396Ft
N 47°53'55"
E 002°09'55"

Current price refuelling

      JET A1 : Calculate online

      AVGAS 100LL : Calculate online

      SP98 : 1.794€TTC/Litre .

      For AVGAS 100LL and SP98 contact the association (+33)2 38 59 18 34
      Price updated : 2018-04-01

Flight plan preparation

      Go on the civil aviation website OLIVIA Civil Aviation .

Quotation Request

      Fill in the request here .

Have a look at the weather forecast

     On the airport area thanks to our meteorological station here.

(Updates every 5 minutes)

In France thanks to our partner METEO France.

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